We all love problem solvers.

We might not all be aware of it, but we do.

People who solve problems make lives better.

No matter what job you are in, where you live, who you are partner is, how many friends you have, you will be judged on your ability to solve problems.

Because problems equal hassles for everyone concerned. And people don’t like hassle.

So the more problems you can solve, the less hassle all-round, the happier people are with you.

Everyone wins.

For our LORA entrepreneurs:

The best way to complain is to make things.

If you make things, you hardly have to speak. You let your work speak for itself. And no one, no one, can disagree with something right before their eyes that shows them that your complaint is warrented.

If you want to complain, get to making something. Don’t speak.

Go make something.

At LORA we assist entrepreneurs to be problem-solvers by making things. When everyone complains, you see opportunities to solve problems.

Registration for the next LORA co-hort is open, closing date is this Friday, 27 June 2019. To apply online, please complete this online application form.

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