Zoom buttons on digital devices let us examine images from many viewpoints.

While you zoom in to identify objects and understand them, you zoom out [or look away from the camera lens] to put them in perspective with other objects.

In most cases, you only click the photo after you zoom in and out.

Solving problems in our real life follows a similar philosophy.

You first have to zoom in to detect, analyse and understand the problems.

You have double-clic in order to more information.

Zooming-in is important, it helps you go deeper, it helps you understand your problems.

When you deal with things on the superficial, you are unlikely to resolve them.

However, in order to add perspective to your problem, it is important to zoom-out by asking yourself –

  1. Will this be a problem later on, will I be thinking about this a week from now? How about a month or a year or 5 years?
  2. You can also zoom out by looking back at the problems you had in the past.

When we look back at our problems, they always are smaller than they appear.

Know when to zoom-in, don’t take for granted things you should be paying closer attention to.

Know when to zoom-out, don’t get lost in the trivial, that you forget to see the bigger picture.

Understand the nuances, but also see the bigger picture. 

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