“Mabena please disappoint me again…. I knew it Mabeeenna”

Shouts the Commander to the Mabena, the soldier in training.

Clearly Mabena is renowned for disappointing his seniors, they already know in advance he is going to disappoint them and without fail [excuse the pun], he rises to the occasion and disappoints them.

But I’m sure Mabena tries very hard [as seen in this video] not to disappoint.

The thing is there are many people like Mabena, people who despite their best efforts, their parents, teachers, pastors, husbands or wives are not impressed.

Despite your best efforts, some people will simply not be impressed.

Do you become disappointed simply because some people are disappointed in you?

When should you be disappointed in yourself and when not to be?

I think you should be disappointed in yourself when:

  • When you cut corners instead of giving the process your best shot
  • When you do not prepare as well as you should have
  • When you do not perform to the best of your ability
  • When you do not relax and enjoy the occasion

I think you should not be disappointed in yourself [disappointment is a waste of time] when:

  • When you are not picked [pick yourself]
  • When you are not popular or trendy
  • When you are in an industry, company, and doing work that is not best suited for your passion and skills
  • When there was someone more suited for what you were going for than you
  • When you did not click with the people you were in conversations with

When you fail a test because you did not prepare, you should be disappointed in yourself, but you should not be disappointed in yourself when you fail dancing lessons knowing full well that you are a maths student who is not wired for dancing..

The message is not ‘don’t be disappointed’ or ‘avoid disappointment.’

The message is: learn when to be disappointed and when not to be.

Be very disappointed if you didn’t do the process justice. And, use that disappointment to inform the next process. There is no excuse to make the same mistake twice.

If you did do the process justice, let go. This is hard to stomach. But, that is about all you can do.

In the long run, doing the process justice is all that is going to matter. The cream always rises to the top…

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