Have you noticed how you react lately to unsolicited email or a cold call? Our interruption tolerance threshold is decreasing at a rapid rate and businesses and advertisers know it.

People know how to ignore stuff that does not interest them.

They have set spam mails, blocking and muting unwanted interruptions.

They just skip the YouTube ads immediately after the 5 seconds countdown is done.

People will like or retweet your post but doesn’t mean they will buy from you.

The people you want to speak to decide what is relevant to them.

Of course it is been obvious for a long time that the Internet, remote controls and mobile devices have caused an attention shift.

In the old days, the way we sold a product was through interruption marketing. We would run ads, interrupt people with unanticipated, impersonal, irrelevant ads and hope that they would buy something. And sometimes, it worked, until does not work anymore.

Interruption marketing is on the decline.

But what is happening now goes beyond finding new and different ways to capture attention. People will no longer stand for being targeted and interrupted.

It is no good saying print more fliers or put out another ad campaign, because you might as well be whistling into the wind without meaning or context.

Simply buying social media ads is not the way to go.

Interrupting people with more awareness is not the way way to you.

Making noise is not a strategy.

There is no shortcut to creating things people want to talk about, or to building customer relationships that endure. No easy way to reach everyone. But there are better and more rewarding ways to engage with the people who want to hear from you.

There is no shortcut on the entrepreneurship journey. Just when you thought you found one, you later realise it was actually the longest route.

Just put in the hours, do what needs to be done, make your mistakes & move one. Don’t look for shortcuts.

Don’t just work out how to wave your arms at the masses. Build something just for the people who matter.

Just adding Facebook likes won’t increase your profits. Build relationships in real life to boost sales.

Marketing by interrupting people is not cost-effective anymore. You cannot afford to seek out people and send them unwanted marketing messages, in large groups, and hope that some will send you money.

Your business can no longer survive by interrupting strangers with a message they don’t want to hear, about a product they’ve never heard of, using methods that annoy them. Consumers have too little time and too much power to stand for this any longer.

The future belongs to entrepreneurs who build relationships, establish a foundation and process where interested people can be keen to listen.

I have recently learned that:

Relevance is the new remarkable.

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