Every time I’m paying for something at a store I get asked, do I have a:

  • Smartshopper card;
  • Thank you card;
  • MySchool card; or
  • Some form of loyalty points card

My answer is no every time.

Carrying endless cards in a wallet is a chore.

For one it makes my wallet bulky. I have to carry these cards everyday with me but I only use them occasionally, it doesn’t make sense. Maybe I have been reading too much on minimalism.

How about these retails stores use loyalty apps?

Having loyalty apps on my phone will be more convenient. I carry my phone all the time.

It is easier and convenient to just scan using my phone than carry cards all the time.

How convenient is your business channel?

Growing up, we used to enjoy going to the video store to rent videos [VHS videos] during the holidays and weekends.

There used to be this weekend special, where you rent 5 videos for 3 days, [Friday until Sunday] at a very low cost.

Just like carrying loyalty cards, driving to a video store and renting videos is no longer convenient. That formula has been broken by a more convenient one.

Today, you subscribe to Netflix, ShowMax, or other online channels and you watch at home, on your iPad, laptop etc.

The traditional channel of how we watch videos has been disrupted.

The same goes for how we consume books, how we do banking, how we order a ride, how we communicate, how we learn, how we buy music, how we record and store memories etc.

How convenient is your channel, is there a better way to get your products to your customers, is there a better way for your customers to pay you?

If there is, why not improve?

If it can be disrupted, it will be disrupted.




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