Perhaps one of the most primary objectives of entrepreneurship and marketing is to get people talking about your business.

Sure, you actually want them to buy from you, more than just talk about it.

When there is buzz, when people think what you are doing matters, there will be sales.

To me there is no more important job than building your business in a way that allows you to stand out from everyone else.

But, how do you create something that will get people talking?

How do you build a story that people want to share and become a part of?

How do you not be boring?

Not being boring does not mean you have to create controversy, noise or fanfare, it means you have to do something in a way that others don’t.

It means you have to do something better, faster or with more soul.

Making noise is not strategy.

There are two parts to beating the boring equation:

First you need a value proposition that allows you to both stand out and deliver something that no one else is.

And then secondly, you need a story to carry your value proposition.

What most of us are really trying to do in this world is build a loyal community and few things build community like a story worth sharing.

The first element, the value proposition, however, is actually the harder part to get right.

So often we want to tell the world about our product or our service. These might be nice things, but the reality is they don’t build community.

Community forms around ideas, process, common language or culture that resonates.

In order to truly tap the power of a value proposition you must fully develop your way of doing business, your method for standing out and delivering value.

Value proposition comes before storytelling. You have to stand for something, before you tell people a story about who you are and what you stand for.

When you get this part right, the story people tell and build practically creates itself out of the common language of the community that forms around your unique method.

And that’s how to not be boring.

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