When you are twenty-one and broke, the dream is alive and well.

In fact, I would argue twenty-one and broke is just about perfect. The fire in your gut is burning hard. Wide eyes, huge goals and nothing gets in your way.

The difference between twenty-one and fourty-one, is that if you are fourty-one and still broke, the dream still exists but is not so alive and well.

The truth is at fourty-one the dream gets reignited when you have a little jingle jangle in your pocket as opposed to being broke.

When you’re fourty-one, knowing that dinner is covered today, this week and this month actually brings the fire back.

Entrepreneurs especially have a hard time simply saying out loud ‘I need some money!’

You cannot be twenty-one and broke forever.

The fire that twenty-one and broke provides is really special but is not meant to last forever.

Sure you might need to come up with a better product, write a better song, code a better App, get a better team or change managers… but maybe you just need to go make some money, guys.

Don’t be driven by money, be driven by something more meaningful, more impactful, something that matters, but bear in mind that cash flow keeps you in the game, it keeps you playing, hoping and dreaming.

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