The mistake entrepreneurs make is to say:

“I have a product/service, my job is to find customers for my product/service.”

“I manufacture hair products, my job is to look for customers for my products.”

“I fix cars, my job is to look for people I can fix cars for.”

“I’m accountant, my job is to look for people I can do books for.”

This inward looking approach has gotten a lot of businesses in trouble.

When you are inward focused, you are likely to miss what customers want.

Customers move on and not buy from you and you will miss it because you are not focused on them.

The correct approach is:

What do my customers want? my job as an entrepreneur is to look for what they want and provide it to them.

My skills are manufacturing, let me check what do people around here want.

I can fix cars, but let me check if people around here have cars and if they do, what service do they require done on their cars.

I’m an accountant, let me survey what issues do entrepreneurs around here struggle with in terms of compliance.

This outward looking humble approach ensures that you are customer focused and that you are in tune with what customer want.

It starts with customer, not you the entrepreneur.

It starts with the customer and reverse engineered to the innovation.

The hero in this script is the customer, not you the entrepreneur.

Spend time understanding your customers, zoom into them, double click on them, talk to them, understand what they want, don’t sell to them, just gain insights into what they value and appreciate.

Don’t find customers for your product, find products for your customers.






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