Our expectations about the quality of products have increased exponentially with our ability to perfect the things we produce.

If we are going to use machines to process things, then mistakes should be minimal.

I mean machines don’t go on strike.

Machines don’t rock up at work late and babalased [with hangover] and machines don’t miss a day’s work every time after payday.

When well maintained, machines are efficient, faster, accurate etc.

When quality improves our tolerance for mistakes plummets.

Interestingly, the same is not true for human interactions.

Even though digital technology has enabled degrees of efficiency beyond our wildest dreams, our expectations about how people will use it to serve and connect with us have dropped.

Product reliability is a given. Great human service and emotional intelligence are not.

You would assume that because we are living in a world of technological advancement, humans being will be more organised and structured.

Today, when you take the time to listen to a complaint and acknowledge someone’s feelings, they are not just satisfied, they are delighted because someone humans have not progressed with the same pace as AI.

Today when you simply respond to an email in good time or simply reply at all, people are blown away.

When you go the slightest bit out of your way to resolve someone’s problem, you make a customer for life.

We spend much of our time working on perfecting the hard thing and not enough time doing the easy thing.

The thing is emotional intelligence needs to advance with the same pace as artificial intelligence.

People want to be seen and heard just as much, if not more, as they want things to work.

Helping is both priceless and underrated.

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