AmaZulu say “Ingoma emnandi iyaphindwa” and this is to mean when something is good, you got to have some more.

When you shuffle your music on your phone so that you can listen to your songs randomly, and then you get to your favorite song, and then you press repeat on that song and forget all about the shuffle.

People like hearing the same thing over again.

So in order to give your people something they like, you will have to repeat yourself.

When you repeat yourself you are much more likely become known for what it is you repeat.

The people who already know what you are going to say feel smart for knowing what you are about to say. They are on the inside now.

There is always pressure to come up with something original and new all the time.

Sometime it is important to repeat a message in order for it to sink it.

You may have to repeat a certain message so the team can appreciate your stance on a principle matter.

You may have to repeat your vision over again so that it become culture in the business.

You may have to repeat certain actions so that they can become progressive habits.

Don’t think that just because you said it once that it doesn’t bare repeating again.

Got it?

Don’t make me repeat myself.

Ingoma emnandi iyaphindwa.


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