It is worth picking a philosophy that’s self correcting.

The antidote to junk science is more science, good science. Science is a self-correcting process, where transparency leads to improvement.

The antidote to bad engineering is more engineering. Engines and bridges run better today than they did a hundred years ago.

The antidote to dysfunctional coding is more coding, better coding. App and technologies are built by improving on the initial dysfunctional coding.

The antidote to the lack of great disruptive ideas is more bad ideas. Great disruptive ideas are the result of coming up with more and more ideas, improving on the first ones.

The antidote to blind obedience to unexamined edicts and principles, though, is not more obedience. It doesn’t self correct. It gets worse.

The antidote to ignorance is not more ignorance.

The antidote to not knowing how to come up with disruptive ideas, is not to sit and do thing.

[For those interested in constructive innovation instead of obedience, not-knowing, please consider The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering Five Skills For Disruptive Innovation [Short-Course]. The short-course starts in 7 days in Midrand, Johannesburg]

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