The anxious, scary, stressful, butterflies in stomach moment just before you…

Walk on stage

Say the big important thing

Pitch your idea

Send the email

Make the call

Launch your first product

Write the new song

Publish a book

…that is a thrill, a scary thrill!

How many times have we all heard “I was nervous but once I got on stage I was fine”…and that is great, I have been there too and I’m really glad we can settle into whatever it is we are doing.

But don’t disregard that tension right before you settle into the groove. That moment where your senses are heightened, fully alert and alive, your mind is racing, you have not risked yet but you know you are about to.

What a gift. That moment is your mind body and soul understanding that what you are about to do is important.

Keep going.

PS: If it has been a while since you have experienced this beautiful moment before the big thing, you might consider pushing harder, going bigger, risking more.

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