It is a lot easier of course to say that you are an author, photographer or investment banker.

It is much simpler to describe your company as being in user experience, the technology business or the transportation industry, the ‘this is what we do’ part.

But what you make probably is not enough to create an advantage for you in today’s marketplace.

Products and services without meaning are just replaceable commodities.

When you think of beloved brands like the most popular cafe in your area, what one word immediately springs to mind?

Perhaps it is consistency or community? It is probably not coffee.

Apple is immediately design.

Samsung….er, let me get back to you on that.

PayPal is convenience. Your bank is….probably something that you don’t want me to repeat here.

Brene Brown is vulnerability, Chris Anderson is TED, Simon Sinek, Start With Why.

This word association seems even more powerful when you flip it the other way.

Which market leader comes to mind when you think of tribes, the reusable rockets, online bookstore?

If you asked the same question of your customers would they be able to shoot a word back at you without hesitation? What word would that be?

If the answer is ‘no’ and it is not the word you were hoping for then go change something.

You get to choose what your work stands for and the meaning it creates.

‘The way’ matters far more than we realise.

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