Let’s say you have a really cool idea. And you have had cool ideas before.

You show it to your colleagues or friends. They analyse it and they tell you why it’s not a good idea.


Do you go with your instinct? Is your gut instincts to be trusted?

After all, you have been right before. After all, you have been wrong before.

So what do you go with?

The analysis, based on past events, certainly seems sound. But your instincts are the only way you are going to do something unsound.

And unsound things become hits. Sound ones never do.

Who Moved My Cheese was unsound.

The idea of colorful Happy Socks as formal wear was unsound.

So was an expensive, unfitted, almost untailored suit from Milan.

The challenge is not to somehow persuade those in search of soundness to change their minds.

The challenge is to do enough of a gut check to decide whether you should defend your gut feel. And then do it.

Sometimes you have make gutsy moves.

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