On Saturday, I had a chat with young entrepreneurs mainly about things I wish I was taught when I was at school.

One of the things we don’t get taught at school is listening to our gut feel.

We are not taught how to listen to that still small voice inside of us.

School teaches rational and logical thinking, it rarely teaches emotional intelligence, intuition, or gut feel.

When we enter the world of work and business, we then realise the importance of emotionally intelligence and listening to our gut feel.

What I keep learning everyday is that gut feeling is equally as important as rational thinking.

It happened several times recently, my gut tells me that there is something that needs to be dealt with and I decided not to listen.

Often we make decisions based more on our logic and then heart.

We want to rationalise our decisions so that we can sound logical when we explain them to others.

Otherwise if we can’t explain our decisions logically, we risk looking unintelligent.

Logic helps us understand if the facts are okay but it’s our emotions that give me the final go-ahead, and hence, have the final veto.

If it does not feel right, I don’t do it.

Over time, I have learnt to make friends with my heart and these days, I find it much easier to listen to it, despite the overarching noise from thoughts and other distracting noise.

Yesterday, it struck me that it is high time I made friends with my gut too.

My gut is typically quicker than my heart, if my heart tells me that a certain decision or situation doesn’t feel right, my gut has probably given subtle hints many weeks ago but for some reason, I just chose not to listen.

It is one thing to make friends with important people, but it quiet another to make friends with your still small voice.

Everyday listen to your gut feel friend.

It may look and sound silly, but you will rarely go wrong with such a friend.

As Rumi has said before:

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.


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