Sending a spaceship 192,236 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

That’s a long way. Quite an achievement.

At one point in the 1960’s it would have been the marvel of modern technology. A true milestone. A wild, risky, crazy audacious goal.

While this is true… 192,236 kilometers is only half the distance to the moon.

There was never a goal of making it half way to the moon. The goal was to go all the way.

Entrepreneurs often equate managing expectations with lowering them. Making the goal smaller so there is less chance of failure and letdown and looking silly.

The good thing about the moon is what a clear goal it was. Everyone could see it and understand. We want to stand on that thing up there.

So while getting half way was a necessary stepping stone, there was no confusion of what half way meant. Which was: we have not achieved the goal yet.

Half way is not the goal.

Don’t manage your goals and expectations by lessening them, manage them by making them more clear for everyone to see and understand.

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