The temptation for entrepreneurs is to offer a product or brand that competes with existing brands.

Shelve spaces are full of brands competing for the customer’s attention.

Customers are loyal to big brands and switching to new brands is not easy.

When I interact with entrepreneurs, often they focus on competing with existing big brands, kicking doors and fighting for existing market share.

A majority of businesses that exists today are targeted at existing consumption.

When entrepreneurs focus on an existing market, they leave behind thousands and millions of people who are not consuming.

How about instead of focusing on those who are already spending, focus on those who want to spend but cannot because existing solutions are not designed and priced for them?

How about instead of focusing on an existing market, we focus on creating a new market?

Instead of focusing on beating the competition, focus on making the competition irrelevant by creating a cadre of buyers, thereby opening up new and uncontested market space.

There is an opportunity to create a new market in every industry.

Instead of fighting for attention, create attention.

Instead of fighting for attention in a noisy and saturated market, rather go where there is little or no activity and create something there.

Instead of focusing on the top of the pyramid, focus on the bottom of the pyramid.

Like the moon shining bright up high with all its grace, seek the quiet, a market away from the buzz and busyness of activity and competition and create there.

Look where no one is looking, and create there.

Create. Don’t Compete.

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