I have come to realise through the work I do with organizations and entrepreneurs that what keeps the vision of an organization alive is its values.

What values do we embrace, cherish and protect at all times around here.

This is how we do things around here:

  • We are about collaboration, we don’t compete to be the leader’s favorite;
  • We don’t cut corners and pretend as if we went all the way;
  • We don’t quit, we keep going;
  • Around here, we do the right things, even when no one is looking, especially when no one is looking;
  • Respect is king, either you respect or don’t belong here;
  • Our customers are our partners, so their inputs is critical;
  • Around here, we listen far more than we talk, we do far more than talk;
  • No matter what, being organized trumps winging it.
  • If it is to be done, you do it.

It is when we apply some of these values that we set the culture in our organisation.

As Seth Godin would say:

People like us do things like these.

There is no more powerful tribal connection than this.

More than features, more than benefits, we are driven to become a member in good standing of the tribe that represents good values.



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