Committing to do something daily that is beneficial to your career is beneficial for your career.

Commitment is beneficial for your mind as well.  We all need a little robotic nature in our lives […and the truth is some of us need a little less, but go with me…]. It exercises the commitment, loyalty, vision, goal setting muscles in a very simple way.

But simple things done everyday turn into significant results.

I’m not saying you should release an album every day or vow to play a show every day or spend five hours at the gym every day.

Find something that you can quietly commit to on a daily basis.  Something small.

Reading a blogger, writing a blog, listening to a podcast, watching a TED talk, singing a song, writing a poem, sitting outside for 5 minutes, doing 20 pushups, starting your day with a glass of water.

And you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to commit to not letting yourself off the hook.

When you start doing something everyday you learn how to stick with things in general.

But for whatever simple thing you choose, don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because it is simple that the voices trying to get you to not do it are going to stop.  They won’t.

But having at least one tiny victory each day will start redefining the fight.

Do something everyday. Starting today.

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