By the age of six months, a baby begins to understand that his actions can affect his environment.

It is amazing how as adults we quickly unlearn this.

As entrepreneurs and leaders when we talk about shaping or changing company culture we sometimes forget to own the fact that we are the culture.

Culture is not something that is laid down in a strategy document, or changed in the blink of an eye at an offsite event designed to rally the troops.

Culture is how we act every day.

Culture is impacted by how we as individuals choose to behave and is evidenced in the ripple effect that our actions catalyse.

When we seek change we often start by looking to see what we can change in others, forgetting that the ripples begin right where we are, with us.

Culture easts strategy for breakfast, operation excellence for lunch and everything else for dinner.

You may have the best strategy, but it will never see the light of day if the culture of the company is counter-revolutionary.

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