You get an sms or ping on your phone, and you immediately check you phone.

You get an urgent email and you immediately rush to open and see what the emergency is all about.

It is not just your mind that responds when you get an email with the subject line ‘urgent’ or ‘important’.

Your heartbeat increases, your muscles tense and your breathing gets faster. You feel bad.

Your day is thrown off course, if only for a moment.

We hate these emails and resent people who fail to communicate with empathy.

And yet our marketing of our businesses and products is designed to create urgency.

Do it now, or lose the opportunity.

An online search for ‘how to create a sense of urgency’ yields  28 million results.

In a commercial world, there is an appetite for knowing how to raise alarm, how to create an emergency.

How you convince and communicate, is just as important as the way your products are made or your services delivered.

The measure of your company is not only your conversion rate, profit margin or some other conventional way of keeping score.

The measure is how it felt to cross your path. Your goal is to be as proud of the way you are building, as you are of what you are building.

How your customers feel after an encounter with you and your business is as important as the product or serviced they received.

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