Do you always bite your nails?

Are you always on your phone?

When you hear a ping sound on your phone, irrespective of where you are [in a meeting, while driving, or out on a dinner date], you check your phone immediately?

Even when there is no ping sound on your phone, do you constantly check your phone to see if there is no message that came through?

Do you struggle with overspending, and end up buying things you don’t need? Too many clothes, shoes, watches, gadgets etc.

Do you spend excessively on alcohol, smoking, over-eating, too much time online, etc.

Psychologists say you don’t get rid of old habits, you replace them with new habits.

If you want to stop smoking, you don’t just stop, instead you come up with a new habit that replaces smoking.

New habits would be eat an apple, take a walk, or something that will distract the time you spend smoking.

It is replacement habits that we adopt that will stop old habits.

The same in business, if you want successful habits you have to replace old stagnant habits with new progressive ones.

When I wanted to stop excessive time on social media, I decided to replace that habit with reading more business books.

When the urge came to check my phone, instead of burying my head on a screen, I forced myself to bury my face on books, and as result I managed to read more books.

You just need to check out what’s holding you back in business, at work, in a relationship, and replace regressive and destructive habits, with progressive ones.

Success [and failure] is habits.

We first make our habits, then our habits make us.

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