Old Habits - New Habits signpost

Human beings are creatures of habit.

You only have to look at the rituals in your day-to-day to see how patterns permeate life.

Think about the things you do on rinse and repeat.

The brands you always buy.

The supermarket aisles you choose to walk down. The ones you avoid.

Your favourite restaurant.

The same spot you like in that restaurant.

The same food you order in that restaurant.

The same road you take to work.

The same seat or section you like in church on Sunday.

Apparently 40% of our daily activities are routines.

In other words, 40% of our lives are on autopilot.

To a large extent success in business is largely dependent on your habits.

Arriving on time for meetings.

Constantly reading books of other entrepreneurs.

Always pitching and looking for business.

Always putting the customer at the centre of the business.

Prudent management of cash flow.

The converse can also be said about business.

Failure is always arriving late for meetings.

Not keeping up to date with current business affairs.

Hiding behind your desk all day, not going to look for business.

Adopting a smash and grab approach to customer service.

Successful entrepreneurs have successful business habits.

Stagnation is a matter of adopting habits that stagnates you.

Change happens when one person at a time takes a small step towards an alternative.

As Bra Mike Mundane would often say, it starts as a drop, then another drop, another drop, over time, it will accumulates to an ocean.

Success in business is about developing successful business habits, at the beginning it will be hard, but over time, the habits will become second nature.

Business is like losing weight, stop smoking, stop bitting your nails, stop over-eating.

Business is changing bad habits and adopting good ones.

Change might not be fast and it is not always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.

As Aristotle has said before:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but habit.

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