At a recent networking cocktail after a conference, I asked a delegate what his experience of the conference was.

He says he is happy with the conference, the content, and the speakers.

He is however disappointed with one of the host who was cold towards him and other delegates.

He didn’t expect that because she has created this brand that she is a nice and warm person on radio and tv, but it turns out she is not in person.

It is more fun when people are better in person.

When the stories they tell and the cool factor, the warmth factor, the caring factor, the style factor is even better when you are actually with that person.

But right now most people in general are doing it backwards.

I have seen people who are very cool online, but far from it in person.

People curate a perfect brand online, and then struggle to be that brand in person.

We worship at the alter of social media numbers and a perfect brand then we want to make sure our absolute best stuff goes on there.

So the numbers go up.

Actually we will even improve the truth a little [or a lot] on what we display digitally because an increase in Likes or plays or comments or consumption means we mean something.

So people see what they see online and think that this is you in real life, this nice, sweat, caring, and amazing person.

So then in real life you could never be better than that. You have already shown your best and probably lied to make it even better than reality.

It is a bummer to see a flashy, cool, conversational social media account only to have the person be a total dud in real life.

It is about priority.

If you are more concerned with social media numbers than being someone who a certain group of people want to be around and with. You will probably get what you want.

If you are more concerned with being and becoming a person who a certain group of people want to be around and be with, then be that person even better in reality, your social media numbers, likes and posts will simply be an overflow… as overflow comes from an abundance of the actual thing.

Be better in person than a PR machine you have created for yourself.

Let your business be better in person.

Let your brand be better in person.

Let your warmth be better in person.

Care even more in person.

Listen even more in person.

Connect even better in person.

Invest more of your time being better in person, than being a better online brand that you are not in person.

Be a better person in person.

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