So I give a group of learners in class fortune cookies.

The first thing they do is open the cookies, read the messages, while munching the cookies.

Here is the thing, they can’t really recall how the cookies tasted like. But they can remember the messages, the stories they received inside the cookies.

This is pretty much the same when growing up, I used to buy chappies gum looking forward to reading the Did You Know stories on the wrap.


When people talk about a message in a bottle, they focus on the message, and not so much on the bottle.

We look forward to the story. No story, well no real excitement for the cookie, chappies gum or bottle.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy how it makes them feel.

People don’t buy fortune cookies because of how they taste, but because of how the message inside makes them feel.

How about you structure your business or product with a compelling story, a message inside. A message that people look forward to it.

Make your business the vessel that carries the story, the message.

People buy stories more than your products.

What is your story?

Your job, is not just to build a great thing but also to care enough to tell the best story you can tell about it.



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