When I was growing up [and maybe when you were too], careers like medicine, nursing and teaching, were regarded as being part of the ’empathy profession’.

Today, every one of us, from accountants to designers, CEOs to Astronauts, are in the ’empathy profession’.

No business or brand can thrive without understanding what it is their customer wants.

No leader can create meaningful change without seeing the world through the eyes of her colleagues.

No innovator can create relevant solutions unless he understands the challenge his invention helps someone to overcome.

It is hard to empathise with someone unless you know their story.

That is why the software that gets used and the cafes that stay open were created by people who started with their customer’s story.

Whether you are a designer at Google or turn steak at Chisanyama [barbecue place], it is only possible to make things that people want by figuring out how those people want to feel in the presence of your product.

You tell better stories by understanding the story the customer wants to tell herself.

Caring is part of every job description now.

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