…. people will listen.

Who do you listen to more closely: someone who never shuts up, or someone who only speaks once in a while?

Often we find ways to switch off when a person is chatterbox, it gets to a point where we nod our heads in agreement even when we stopped actively listening a few minutes ago.

But we often pay attention to someone who hardly talks, because we are curios to know what they are thinking, and when they speak, we stop everything because we want to hear their thoughts.

As with anything else, the law of supply and demand holds true:

If you constantly share your opinions, no one will seek them out. We already know your opinions, you shared them even when we didn’t ask for them.

If you only say what you are thinking on occasion, or only make a point one time instead of over and over, your words are likely to have more weight.

If you spend more time listening than you do speaking, so that the people you are speaking to feel understood and bonded with you, when you do speak your mind, they will be listening much more closely.

A good conversation starts with listening.

In a difficult conversation, listen more than you talk.

Listening is a skill. 

PS: To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you always keep your opinions to yourself. The people around you need to know what you are thinking, doubly so if you are in a leadership role.

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