When you listen more than you speak, the person who is doing the talking will feel understood and cared about.

Most people go through life wishing to be listened to more.

So by listening rather than talking, you are giving something valuable to the person who’s speaking.

Active listening is a gift you give to the talker.

Especially if you really are taking in what that person is saying and not thinking about something else or responding.

The speaker will appreciate that gift and you will have created a bond.

He or she will feel understood and validated.

It is a powerful relationship-building tool, and an especially powerful sales tool.

Customers who feel like they are listened to, are likely to feel understood and appreciated.

Sometimes the perfect gift for a survivor of abuse is the gift of listening with love as your only agenda.

Listening is a skill, it is discipline.

The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.

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