3 reasons why active listening is a must have skill_940x485

The sales assistant in the running shoe store works hard to convince his customer about comfort, quality and price.

The customer does not pay attention.

When he finally chooses a pair of shoes, his rationale tumbles out. ‘I like these because you cannot get them back home in Sekhukhune,’ he says.

Your customers are no different from the guy in the shoe store. They want to be seen and listened to.

When you become a listening entrepreneur you don’t have to guess what your customer wants, you already know.

The listening entrepreneur understands what is motivating his customers to choose and what language will encourage them to buy.

What the listening entrepreneur does best of all is make and sell things people want because he is been unselfish in the pursuit of doing work that’s meaningful to the people he cares about serving.

If you are not listening, you are not marketing. You don’t need a megaphone to matter.

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