focus group

Think about every conversation you overheard yesterday.

It may have been on the train, in the coffee queue, at your favorite restaurant or while you waited in the hair salon.

You know, the one where the guy on his mobile explained loudly that his luggage bag has been tempered with.

Or when forty something Mmasello confided how stressed out she was about the amount of time her kids spent on Facebook to her hairdresser Mmabatho.

Not forgetting the tweet Bontle sent to her followers: “So I have to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress in June… but the wedding is in September… #problem I’m freaking huge!”

Tshepo is always complaining about how his mobile network provider is always chowing his data. One minute I load 1Gig, after 5 minutes, I’m left with 100MB, #StopChowingMyData

Maru always frustrated that he can’t find a quiet restaurant in town where he can plug in and get some work done.

Refilwe silently screams about the constant power-cuts in her neighborhood for the past couple of weeks.

Thabo, telling his friends how frustrated he is by the high rates he pays for satellite pay TV network and they always play repeats and always freezes every time it is raining.

These are real reactions to the world. Your customer’s world. The world you as an entrepreneur and  marketer want to be a part of.

They are gold to you.

Every day people are telling you the problems they want you to solve.

The world is your focus group. All you need to do is keep your eyes and ears wide open.

You want business opportunities?

Look around more, see more, and listen more.

Ps: Maybe carry a small notebook [ideas pad], to record all the issues and ideas you come across. The brain is a very unreliable organ.

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