Recently I was working on preparing my company financial statements and tax returns.

I realised that we measure a lot of indicators on our financials.

We measure what is measureable and we deem what is measurable to be more important.

We don’t quiet measure ethics in our financials.

Most companies seek to be more profitable.

They seek to increase their Key Performance Indicators. More referrals, more satisfaction, more loyalty.

They seek to increase their market share, their profits, their dividends, their share price.

But ethics?

In fact, most companies strive to be just ethical enough.

To get ethics to the point where no one is complaining, where poor ethics are not harming their KPIs.

What if instead…

Being more ethical was the most important KPI?

What if instead, we measure the number of traffic fines not received?

What if instead, we measure how many returns we submit on time and not incur penalties and interest?

What is instead, we truly state our financial performance and not under-report because we want to pay less tax.

What if instead, of inflating our company profile in order to secure a contact, we state correctly the number of clients we served even if it’s small?

Perhaps profit and market share and the rest could merely be tools in service of the ability to make things better, to treat people ever more fairly, to do work that we are more proud of each day.

It might be worth trying.

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