Karabo is a seamstress. She has been in business for twenty years now, long enough to see the world of business and marketing turned upside down.

Fifteen years ago Karabo took out a three line advert in the local newspaper every week.

She finally cancelled that three years ago when it was yielding two calls a month and no real work.

Now she pays Google, her website designer, social media adverts, SEO meister and other third party platforms a couple of thousands rands every month in order to be found.

Karabo learns about backlinks and search queries while managing the day to day admin, quoting and craft of her business.

She gets more leads, but so do the six other seamstresses who are playing the ‘being found’ game along with her and so they end up competing on price, not value.

Once the prospective customer arrives at Karabo’s website there is nothing to distinguish her from her competition.

Because all of her energy and resources are spent on being found, she has nothing left to tell the story of how she stands apart.

We have mistakenly made being found the number one goal of our businesses.

But being found is useless if we can’t make people feel like they would not even consider the competition.

That’s what you are shooting for. Put your energy there.

It’s nice to be found but it’s more essential to be sought.

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