If you want to stand out, do the thing that’s in short supply, that’s scarce, that in limited supply, here are some of the rules:

When everyone is fighting for attention, be the one who earns permission.

When everyone is quick to blame others, be the one to forgive others.

When everyone is rushing through, be the patient one.

When everyone wants to be the show-stopper, be the one who exudes subtle beauty.

When everyone is striving for glory, be the one who does work that matters.

When everyone is looking to take the credit, be the one who gives credit.

When everyone is talking, be the one who listens.

When everyone is ready to take and take, be the one who shares.

When everyone is chasing popularity, be the one who deepens connection.

When everyone seeks scale, be the one who values loyalty.

When everyone takes shortcuts, be the one who commits for the long haul.

Don’t be different because you are trying to grab attention, don’t be different for the sake of being different, be different because it makes things better.

The thing that is scarce right now is sincerity in one form or another.

We are tired of tactics that manipulate as a means to someone else’s end.

In the end we win by being the exception to the rule.

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