I get to meet so many entrepreneurs who are doing ever so many cool things.

And I also get to meet those who have very cool ideas.

There is so much cool stuff ‘out there’. So many great ideas already being brought to market. And plenty of people who have done the things [or similar], that you want to do.

The trouble is you cannot find a way to stop marveling and being just a teeny bit overawed by them.

The Internet has not just opened up our minds to possibilities, it has also enabled a kind of weird collective peer gazing, of staring at what others are up to.

Today we are able to gaze, stare at others more because the channels of starring at other’s wall, timelines, feeds have increased.

We are so busy looking over there, that we can’t see what is great about what’s over here.

“Stop starring at me, it’s creepy/rude” is said to a person who stares.

Maybe we should apply this as a rule every time we compare ourselves to others.

Stop starring at others and comparing yourself to them, it’s rude, to you, your ideas and your potential.

There are many days when we literally trap ourselves into inaction by getting lost in comparison.

I work with entrepreneurs every day who have sat on great ideas for months, or even years because they are so busy looking at how well the competition is doing that they forget to begin.

Here is the thing, if you spent as much time looking at what your potential customers and the people you want to serve do, instead of what your peers, or supposed competitors are doing, you would be well on your way to executing on your ideas and making them matter.

Do yourself a favour. Close Facebook and Twitter and go write the book, finishing reading that book, start that blog, open the online store, build the app, launch that product.

You don’t need more proof, you just need to begin.

Stop staring and start building.

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