In the movie Fences, Denzel Washington plays the role of this larger than life father, husband and friend.

In the beginning of the movie, Denzel is this loving father and hardworking husband who on pay day gives his wife his entire salary to take care of the household expenses.

He appears to be a responsible man who takes care of his family.

Later in the movie, this loving responsible father and husband turns out to be this conflicted, disturbed soul who is too hard on his son, and cheats on his wife.

At some point in the movie, his son asks him: Why don’t you like me?

He responds by saying: “Like you? What law is there that say I got to like you?

Basically implying that, his job, as his father, is to take care of him, clothe him, and feed him, he doesn’t have to like him.

Like many things in life, from a distance they look amazing, attractive and well-organized, but up close and personal, they are far away from what they seemed.

As a startup entrepreneur, you spend your limited budget marketing and attracting clients, don’t spoil it by not offering amazing service when they are up, close and personal in your business.

Instead, let your services to your customers far exceed your marketing attempts.

Let how you treat customers be marketing in itself.

Some people build fences to keep people out, and other people build fences to keep people in.

Let your excellent customer service be the fence that keeps people in.

Your job is to deliver excellent service, on time and exceed customer expectations.

Like your customers? there is no law that says you got to like them, but like them anyway, because you can, because you care, because it matters, because you matter.

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