In this book Bernadette Jiwa explains why a great product or service is not enough, how you can tell a compelling story about your brand and why that is the most important aspect of running a business today.

According to Bernadette, our favorite companies, products and brands are also like fortune cookies, we love them just as much for the story as we do for what they have to offer.

She says in today’s world, good products are not enough any more. What you say about them, the stories behind them makes all the difference.

In the book, she identified 20 keys to a great brand story. Here are my favorite three:

  1. Each brand comes with a fortune and a cookie, so you have to think about both.
  2. Develop your brand’s vision with three questions [How will your company affect the future? How will your day-to-day work support this vision? and How will your vision make customers feel and act?.
  3. Make sure your brand’s location and content align with the story you want it to tell.

Whether your brand is just you or backed by a huge group of people, make sure there is a fortune inside your cookie.



Bernadette Jiwa writes simply but in a very compelling way. She has a way of explaining complicated concepts in a simple manner.

She also gives very clear examples as a way of driving her message.

I highly recommend this book for entrepreneurs and innovators.

Success of your products depends on more than how cool your products are, but on how well to tell stories.

Put fortunes in your cookies [products].

Favourite Quote

  • “Your job, then, is not just to build a great thing but also to care enough to tell the best story you can tell about it.”

  • “Values help to clarify who you are and what you stand for. Your brand values are anchors and guideposts for staff, helping to explain why you work the way you do. They influence customers’ buying decisions because customers buy from brands whose values align with theirs. Shared values enable brands to become part of the customer’s story, giving customers a way to express themselves.”
  • “Attention is harder to get and keep now. We live in the opt-in age, a time when people can scroll on by,”
  • “Steve Jobs didn’t give us a 32MB music player. He gave us 1,000 songs in our pocket.”

  • “Your leaders and staff are the face of your brand. Often they are the front line of your brand story. Their job is to show the world what your business stands for. Their posture, their attitude, and their influence trickle down through the organization and affect it. A good leader maps out the vision for the business.”
  • “People don’t buy what you do; they buy how it makes them feel.”

  • “In theory, people are easier to reach, but in fact, they are harder to engage.”
  • “Product + Meaning = Brand”



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