The vibration you feel when you plug your iPhone in to charge, that’s marketing.

The way the Pringles chips are packaged in the round can, that’s marketing

Every time I’m at Starbucks restaurant, in the afternoonish, they always play Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue album, always, that’s marketing.

The texture of the sheets as you pull back the covers of a hotel bed, that’s marketing.

That soft soothing and comforting tone when answering your phone, that’s marketing.

The ease with which the milk carton opens, that’s marketing.

Starting on time and finishing on time, that’s marketing.

We spend a lot of our time trying to be seen and heard. Traditional marketing’s answer to rising above the noise is to create more noise.

The irony is when we do things so well that they are simply sensed or felt, we don’t even have to talk about them.

What’s your invisible marketing strategy?

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