Founded in 2016 by author and entrepreneur, Dr. Roche Mamabolo, the New Venture Creation Programme presented through LORA Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an intensive accredited 5 months entrepreneurship and innovation programme designed to help entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders level up. It challenges people to learn to see differently, to make better decisions and to engage and connect.

Each session of the workshop is led by our trained entrepreneurs who are also experts in their subjects.

The lectures bring practical applications to the sessions. This is not about theory, it is about how to implement tools you gain in class.

If you can Google it, we don’t teach it. We focus on what practically happens in practice. Entrepreneurship is a practical discipline.

The tools are available, you can buy books, or get them online, we focus on the application of the tools and the outcomes.

The lecturers engage with students in individual and group work. We generally have a ratio of one lecture for every ten students. During the programme, students are required to complete individual and group assigned projects.

The entire course is conducted in English, and skill and confidence in English is our only specific admission requirement.

The program is synchronous, with regular deadlines, group discussions, and face-to-face contact classes. It is based on class attendance, with students attending classes in Midrand [South Africa] and Gaborone [Botswana].

The tuition for the program is R5,000 [after being awarded scholarship]. Registration is R1,000 and balance is payable on installments of R1,000 per month for 4 months.

Attending students include entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent professionals, and corporate employees.

Our vision is to part with entrepreneurs in starting, and building their businesses that solve important problems in society and do work that matters.

We are looking for impactful entrepreneurs who are passionate about using innovation to solve problems.

If you are that kind of person or you know that kind of person, I hope you will apply or share this with them.

Admission to the programme is by application only. To apply, send an email to: roche.mamabolo@gmail.com

For more information please feel free to go to this link: LORA Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 


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