One of the biggest challenges about holidays, is experiencing the bad service from the lodge or hotel you stayed.

Dirty and uncleaned rooms, unprofessional staff, don’t even want to talk about food.

This got me thinking far more than good vs. bad services, but good vs. great service.

It’s easy to identify bad from good service, but not so easy to identify great from good service.

The thing that differentiates a good idea from a great one, actually what differentiates a good anything from a great anything you care to think about be it…

  • Business
  • Movie
  • Hotel
  • Blog
  • Book
  • Packaging design
  • App
  • School
  • Song
  • Art
  • ……. [keep going]

is that the great stuff, the things we give a damn about have the heart left in them.

What do I mean by heart?

The empathy, and emotion, the feeling and the vulnerability, yours as the owner, not the marketing or customer care department.

Good products work, great products become part of our story.

A good speaker leaves us with food for thought, a great speaker his heart on the podium.

Good marketing tells a story, great marketing is the story.

We don’t just notice our response to things, most of the time we can’t even explain it, we simply feel it, we just know and that’s what makes it matter.

Do it from the heart or not at all.



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