I love how Bernadette Jiwa shares her passion about storytelling and branding.

I loved the fact that this book was all about the importance of feeling connected to your customers with emotion, empathy and honesty.

We live in the post industrial revolution marketing of just buying tv ads and pushing them to customers. Today what matters more than products is making a difference in the customer’s life.

Customers are sensitive about issues that affects them and will therefore selected products that addresses their issues. It’s starts with them first and then products secondary.

The days of Mad Men telling us consumers what we should think about products is long gone.

With so many products being launched,  the good ones that stick out get their message to their customers with simple and honest facts. They show real life features that can actually help people in their day to day lives.

A good product makes a difference, it creates something that can help you live a better, easier life.

The Difference Model in this book is centred on empathy as the foundation for making things and developing ideas that actually matter to people.

By understanding how people feel and what they care about, and therefore what they want, we can realise a great opportunity to build better, more sustainable businesses and ideas, and communicate in ways that people actually want to hear.

The Difference Model provides a framework to begin this journey and the Difference Map is a visual shorthand way of brainstorming and representing your findings.



I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Bernadette Jiwa is on a level of her own. She has a way of connecting the dots and simplifying difficult concepts.

She writes simply, and easy to follow.

As Seth Godin says “This book is a generous work of genius” and I agree with Seth.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who wants to do the important work of doing work that matters, making a difference.

There are several inspiring case studies in the form of Difference Map samples.

My favourite quotes

  • “Not only is there no longer a mass market, but most of the successful companies, game-changing innovations, and products and services we care about were designed to cater to people at the edges of that curve, not to the average Joe in the middle of it.”
  • “The truth is that what really moves us is feelings, not facts.”

  • “Give them a reason to care, a story they can believe in.”
  • “It isn’t the person with the best idea who wins; it’s the person who has the greatest understanding of what really matters to people.”
  • “People are telling us what they care about and it isn’t our products. It’s their journey, their story, the meaning they want to create in their lives.”

  • “the key to creating difference is to make something that changes how people feel and makes them fall just a little more in love, not with what we sell but with themselves.”
  • “Noticing what people do is often more valuable to us than listening to what they say they think




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