The truth is that the masses don’t want to feel like the masses.

They want to discern, to choose, to be seen, to matter.

Your customers don’t want to be just anyone, they want to be someone, they want to matter.

It’s not about you, your products, or how cool your innovation is, it is about learning to see your customers as humans with fears, and aspirations.

Great brands of the future will be built by those who have worked hard to gain the insight that enables them to whisper: “We see you, we are for you” to their customers:

Shouting “notice us” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Build your your brand one person at a time.

While the internet has given us many ideas to spread ideas, and the opportunity to use various tools and tactics, the principle of how people fall in love with ideas has not changed in a long time.

The anonymous person in the masses, wants to be seen and appreciated as an individual who matters.

It is easy to get lost with the obsession of the bright lights and stage performances, that you forget that those who matter are the ones who are not on stage but made the show possible.


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