Growing up in high school, the 3D Rubik’s Cube was very popular.

Looking back, the Rubik’s Cube is a classic example of word-of-mouth marketing in action.

One minute, you have never heard of the thing.

The next minute, every kid in the school yard had one or wanted one.

Even in schools where it wasn’t cool to be smart, kids proudly carried those colourful cubes around showing how smart they were.

The township I grew up in, before going to boarding school, there were schools where being smart, a geek, a nerd was frown upon, instead being cool, wearing cool clothes, jewelry, and having cool friends was the cool thing.

Still even in those schools, kids brought their Rubik’s Cubes wherever they went and wore the number of sides they can solve like a badge of honor.

If you could solve the entire cube, you were a genius.

If you owned one, you were one degree of separation from a genius.

The levels of genius depended on the number of cube sides you could solve.

The Rubik’s Cube made being smart cool overnight.

Cube boners were not just playing with a toy or solving a puzzle, they were belonging.

Without anyone having to share or telling one person to another, the Rubik’s Cube became the best selling puzzle toy of all time.

Not because it was the best puzzle, very few people can actually solve it, but because it was the puzzle with the best story.

The story of the Rubik’s Cube said I’m smart, even if I wasn’t in class, carrying it around sent the message to people that being smart matters to me.

Enterprises that will succeed today and in the future, will not succeed because they have the biggest marketing budget, with billboards, full page spreads on newspapers or prime time radio adverts, they will succeed because of the stories they tell, stories that resonates with customers.

These are enterprises that will build their brands one person at a time, just like the Rubik’s Cube.

The truth is people don’t fall in love with ideas at all, they fall in love with how those ideas, products and services makes them fell.

PS: At LORA Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we train entrepreneurs on the art of storytelling, learning how to see and tell stories that resonates with potential customers. Application for the January 2019 intake is still open. For any questions please free to go to: LORA Centre Q&A  



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