The real currency of our time isn’t money. It’s ideas.

You are surrounded by ideas. Films, products, books, music, money, messages, services and everything in your culture began life as a vision in someone’s head.

If you have ideas, you are at the heart of things.

There is no doubt that in today’s connected world, change is going to come from those who’s ideas are easier to implement.

This books is more about working on creative ideas than reading about ideas.

The main message I took from this book is that ideas are a limitless currency generated within that can add monetary value, but have worth beyond this as they permeate throughout society. To stay relevant, be an ideas person.

Three notable points:
– Ideas enrich the world, they have worth beyond monetary value, but are still a currency.

– Ideas are a medium of exchange circulating throughout the culture and opening up opportunities. Their circulation creates both incremental and massive change in the world.

– Conceptual design thinking is ultimately about the search for meaning.



This is as exercise book. I would recommend this book to anyone with a creative bone in their body, particularly visual artists.

The majority of the book [about 80%] is for you to fill in as you are presented with a series of thought provoking exercises to get your creative juices flowing.

This is preceded by a brief introduction to the author and the purpose of the book.

I found this refreshing, but challenging. I find it easy to define ideas by writing words, not drawing pictures.

I am a very poor visual artist, but this was good practice in refining that and a great way to draw out ideas and just get lost in the creative process.

It feels more like a workbook than anything else, but the reason for this design is very suitable.

Favourite Quotes

  • “Our culture doesn’t need any more firemen to put out fires, it needs firestarters to ignite metaphorical blazes, fire new ideas at people, throw light on reality, create heated debates, spark curiosity and create burning desires.”
  • “Innovative and creative thinkers, those who create products and services, now drive economies.”

  • “ To prosper in economies of future, then, you need to realize that the real currency of our age isn’t money. It’s not data, our attention or time. It’s ideas.”
  • “Change used to happen over two or three generations. It took the West centuries to absorb the effects of Gutenberg’s mechanical printing press. Now, change is instant. Computers, the Internet and other forms of technology reorder the world with alarming frequency.”
  • “Ideas can trigger revolutions or nudge society in a particular direction, and they can spring from the unlikeliest people in bedrooms, garages, offices, classrooms or cafes.”

  • “You need to be an ideas persons: adaptable, open minded, adept at problem-solving, a communicator, inventor, artist and entertainer.”
  • “Ideas are important because what we think about the world and ourselves determines what we will become.”
  • “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road. – Stewart Brand.”







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