If you are making progress and making it fast, you have no doubt heard it:

  • People who look like you are not qualified to do this work.
  • How old did you say you are? You are too young, why are you in a rush?
  • You don’t know the right people.
  • This isn’t for someone as cute as you.
  • You are not popular, tall, beautiful, fashionable, well connected enough
  • The thing you failed at, all those years ago, that disqualifies you from this.
  • Where did you say you went to school? Never heard of it.
  • You live where?
  • We were looking for someone with more experience.
  • We were hoping for someone younger.
  • I’m not sure you are a good cultural fit.
  • You are particularly overqualified to do this.
  • Send your CV, business profile, qualifications, we will see what we will do
  • I will get back to you

Hear these lines too many times and you might begin to believe them.

Now, more than ever, attitude trumps background, productivity defeats ignorance, particularly when it comes to the work done on the frontier, on the edges of creativity, where answers are still being found.

Too many people have told you ‘no’. And many of them were wrong. Not wrong about what they wanted, perhaps what you have is not for them.

But wrong about what you could contribute.

The thing about today’s economy is that it provides various tools to pick yourself.

You can use these tools to play angry bird on social media, or you can use these tools to do something that matters.

Pick yourself, and keep making art until someone can’t ignore you any longer.

It’s your turn, you have my permission, not that you needed it in the first place.

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