… for your trust and attention over the course of the past year[s].

… for being open to a different and occasionally provocative point of view.

… for writing in every once a while to let me know that a blog post has resonated with you.

… for being willing to share your disagreements with me so I can learn from your point-of-view.

… for sharing ways in which you are learning, growing and making a difference in the world.

… for your comments, emails and notes of encouragement. They never cease to make me think, inspire and make my day.

… for everything you do, for living your dreams out loud, bringing generosity, insight and wonder to the work you do.

I know from my exchanges with you that many of you are out there working hard on your ideas to create change.

Do know that I consider it a real privilege to be able to communicate with you.

Finally, for the new year’s wish, I would like to go back to a lovely wish I received a few years ago:

May your life continue to engage, fascinate, frustrate, challenge and reward you as you grow as a person and as a professional.

Continue doing work that matters, with generosity and care, it matters, you matter.

Thank you so much, I am very grateful.

Wishing you a fascinating 2019 filled with challenges, frustrations, love, learning and laughter.



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