One day we are going to run out of places to hide, we will run out of excuses to pursue our dreams.

We are the ultimate paradox.

There are only two things we want:

  • We want to hide; and
  • We want to be seen.

We hide because we are scared, but we want to be seen and recognized when things go right.

I know you are scared that your idea might not work.

I know you worry about being wrong far more than you celebrate the things you get right.

I know you waste time being anxious that you won’t measure to someone else’s metric of success.

I know some days you say one thing and do another. Why else have the same resolutions every year?

I know you are afraid people will laugh at you.

I know everyday you grapple with the desires and decisions of getting over this fears and doing work that has impact.

I know you are this close to a breakthrough. I wrestle with these fears too, every single day.

On my best days, I put away my nervous laughter, I ignore my emails and do the things I don’t have the courage to do on the days I want to hide, the things that matter, the kind of things I will could have done years back.

There is no reason to wait for tomorrow to be better.

We don’t need to hide.

Every day counts.

Two important things we can do:

  • To allow ourselves to be seen; and
  • To really see others.

The greatest gift you can give a person is to see who she is and to reflect that back to her.

Doing work that truly matters is learning how to see.

When you see people beyond their cosmetics, you get to truly see who they are, their fears, their hunger, aspiration, hope, warmth, love, dreams, vision, commitments etc.

Want to learn how to see?

Go out and find some real people. Listen to their stories. Don’t ask for the main point. Let the story run its course. Like flowing water, it will find its own way, at its own pace. And if you have got patience, you will see and learn more than you might imagine.


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