There’s this guy at the OR Tambo International Airport [Johannesburg], he is a janitor at the men’s restrooms at the domestic section of the airport, next to the food court.

He always welcomes his clients with a smile and friendly greeting.

“Good morning, goeie more, welcome to my office, would you like to use one of my private cubicles?” He would say.

He would say that to all the patrons as they walk in to make use of his facility.

We would greet foreign travelers with a smile, asking some them where they come from, or what does “good morning” mean in their languages, they would ask him how to say certain words in his language.

A short friendly conversation between him and his clients, and off they go, and he starts another similar conversation with the incoming patrons.

Some patrons would tip him very well, I’m sure he makes more from tips just for his attitude.

I know, I would find it very difficult to do that job with his attitude, consistently, every day.

I would want to get a better job first and then start having that attitude all the time.

But here is the thing, attitude is a skill.

You can learn english, mathematics, you can learn how to drive.

You can learn Coding, too.

But you can also learn to be more empathetic, passionate, focused, consistent, persistent and twenty-seven other attitudes.

Excellence is an attitude.

If you can learn to be better at something, it’s a skill. And if it’s a skill, it’s yours if you want it.

Which is great news, isn’t it?



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