There is a tendency to say if I pump up the message on media, tv, print, and social, they will buy more.

That I need to make more noise and attract more attention.

That if have more followers and friends, I will influence them.

That if I display more photos, record more YouTube clips, I will grab their attention.

In the attention economy where the race is to grab more of people’s limited attention, more noise is irritating than appealing.

Customers are good at ignoring stuff, they send your spam emails to a separate folder, mute Whatsapp group messages for a year, mute you for 30 days on social media, they have ready made excuses to turn down your sales cold call.

You will need to do more than making noise… that is if you have to make noise at all in the first place.

Making noise is not a strategy.

You will need have a solid sober strategy that covers the key fundamentals.

You will need a game-plan that is sustainable.

Making noise alone is not a strategy.

You can spend time shouting as much as you want online, you will be forced to accept defeat later when the results don’t match the effort.

People who use the noise-making strategy believe noise translates into likes, clicks and site visits, which ultimately translate into sales.

We know that likes don’t translate into sales.

You will need to drive sales offline, so that you can drive them online.

Offline drives online.

So what should you do?

Step back, resist the distraction of noise making, and focus on core strategy.

Tell stories that resonates to a small group of people who matters.

Rather than trying to reach as many people as possible at the beginning, maybe focus on a specific audience and develop bespoke commercial strategies and tactics.

Have a strategy that is reviewed by your trusted advisors, and mentors.

Making noise without a strategy is making noise before defeat.

When you have a clear plan, you move from making noise to making music.

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