One of the things I have decided to avoid is the hype in most things.

In the age of social media, tv industrial complex, events, etc, it is easy to hype things:

  • To hype self-importance on social media
  • To hype beauty of an AirBnb room on the website
  • To hype a book, event, art, music, products or services, etc.

The thing is truly beautiful things don’t need hype.

They are subtle, they don’t try too hard, they do the job without fanfare, without bells and whistles.

Truly remarkable things sneak up on you and quietly leave you breathless.

Kodac moments happen unexpected.

Truly remarkable pictures are not taken when people are posing, they are captured when the person is busy is in the moment, sometimes unaware that they are being captured.

Subtle beauty does not seek attention.

Subtle beauty is helping the needy and leaving the camera at home.

Subtle beauty is allowing others to shine without hogging the space.

Subtle beauty is embracing blame when things go wrong but reflecting credit to others when they go right.

Hype is more immediate than trust, but in the long run trust is a more sustainable strategy.

Seek to do work that matters, connect, care, do it without hype, without seeking attention, without fanfare, do it because you can.

That way you will earn trust from people who truly matters.


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