Often when we see a man walking down the street openly speaking to himself, we say he is has gone mental.

And when a man speaks to himself silently, we say he is thoughtful and a thinker.

In both instances the man is speaking to himself.

We all speak to ourselves.

How do you speak to yourself?

I’m referring to the conversations we have with ourselves in the privacy of our own mind.

What is the tone of your inner dialogue?

Are you calm, forgiving, and kind, or demanding, impatient and a little judgmental?

If we are always too hard on ourselves, always bashing ourselves, it becomes very difficult to have a peace of mind.

We need to learn to be genuinely kind to ourselves, so that we can be kind to others.

Forgive yourself when you are not perfect, but never let yourself off the hook from not trying your best.

Be careful how you are talking to yourself, because you are listening.




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